Who am I?

I'm dynamic, enthusiastic, creative and passionate about people, and this make for a great coach!


      My name is Kat. I would like to tell you more about myself so that we can take the first step on our journey together.

     I am a graduate Sociologist with the keen interest in social psychology, human behaviour, child's development. From an early age, I seemed to have a natural ease with establishing relationships and building rapport with people. My open minded personality and ability to listen are two of the most important qualities in counselling and coaching.

     I come across as a lively, energetic and empathetic person, and I love to support others with their day to day struggles.

An essential thing for me is keeping a balance in every area of life, and I believe that this balance makes us fulfilled and happy.

    In my working life, I've worked in sales, advertising, logistics, ran a little bistro bar, been a restaurant supervisor and currently work in the distribution environment. I trained as a Parenting Coach because I want to make a real difference to people's wellbeing and feel that my life skills would be beneficial for others. I developed myself by taking further courses, as I think that there is always room for improvement. I love to help my clients to move on with their lives and see how much happier they become. In my opinion, looking for support is already significant progress, and it's the first step to a new and more comfortable life.

One of my biggest interests is children and their development. I help parents to meet their children's needs and understand children's behaviour. I advise them how to cope with daily parental struggles, remain calm and patient and be a real mentor and greatest positive influence on their children.


   Parenting Coaching for me is having someone who believes in you, supports you and helps you get through a tough time. Achieving the best outcomes requires a practitioner who never makes a judgement and always tries to look at things through your eyes.