Children as separate individuals.



What does it mean to be a child? The answer to this question depends on the perspective from which we look. Children are our future, our investment and, in wider prospect, a new generation that will create shape of the world. What is the way to make sure that this new generation will be good enough to lead the whole society to progression and continuous development?

First of all, we have to realise that children are independent individuals and already as infants they show their personality. We just have to set up our mind on to observation and inference so we will be able to spot those signs of uniqueness. This is essential if we want to find the best way to raise our kids. And if we think that they're all the same, we also must remember that they are very special in some points.

These are some arguments that show that children are their own preferences, opinions and feelings so they have to be treated as separate entities.


  • Personal preferences


Sometimes you can notice that very little baby, already at age of 5 months is paying attention in some things more than in others. For instance, if baby is given some toys, it is more likely that some of them will be kept around him and the rest will be thrown away. Also, infants have their favourite cuddly toy with whom they love to fall asleep.

It apply to people as well. If you will observe your child's reactions when strangers are coming closer, you can easily notice that his body language vary from person to person. This is the simplest way to express feelings, once speech has not been developed yet.


  • Demanding exactly what is wanted


Children can be very cheeky while they try to get what they want. They will stubbornly pursued to achieve their goal. Sometimes it may be perceived as being naughty or mannerless, but believe you me, in the first 5 years of life they are not aware that a normative system exists and that some behaviours are appropriate when other are not. They are only focused on the ‘thing’ and will do anything to get it, so they will try many different ways.


  • Expressing emotions and feelings.


Nobody like children is able to show their real emotions and feelings. We could learn a lot from them in this area of life. They get similar amount of stimuli from environment as adults do (of course on different levels), but is more likely that will show the truly sentiments toward situations they experience. If something will really bother them, mostly in bad way, no one is able to influence them to change their mind straight away. This shows that children create their own opinion about events and stick to it as adults do.


There is far more examples of children uniqueness and evidence of independence. The most important in discovering and recognising these signs are parents. We have to inspire our kids and let them feel special at the very beginning of their life, so they will grow up with belief that everything is possible and dependent from themselves.

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