What is happiness and how to achieve it?


Happiness is tough to describe as it has various meaning for different people. One, universal definition for it could sound similar to “ It’s the feeling inside of you when you experience fulfilling and positive energy taken from external world thanks to its stimuli perceived and accepted by your brain.” This feeling makes you smile, energetic, confident about events and people around you and gives you the power to act. You’re overflowing with love and joy, and nothing seems impossible. You want to share it with your loved ones and do everything to make them feel this way too. The hardest question is how to achieve happiness? Does any standardised method of gaining happiness exist? The answer is simple- No.

As I mentioned, there are various dimensions of happiness, and we have to find ours, but there are some clues, based on the Maslow’s Pyramid Of Needs. This 20th-century psychologist proposed his hierarchy of needs after studying the healthiest 1% of the college student population.

The Pyramid of Needs became a canvas in sociology, psychology as well as in management due to the exploration of the development of humans and their life satisfaction.

According to it, there are five stages in the hierarchy of needs. First two, starting from the very bottom, are the most essential for every human being and this is where everything starts. It’s meeting our physiological and security needs, and these are closely related to our instincts. Going further up there are last three, the most important for achieving happiness because they refer to our mental, emotional and intellectual side. 

Feeling happy depends upon many factors, and it’s considered very individually, but there are some hints everyone can use as a guide.

In the modern world, time flies by so fast, that we don’t even realise how many things we’re missing each day. We are focused on our day to day duties and putting up with our social roles. It means that we are trying very hard to get our work done in professional life, then managing the private side of our existence- family and friends. It is not easy at all, considering that in the 24h day we also have to find time for rest. It is very challenging for us, especially if we must do it on a daily basis. We feel exhausted, overwhelmed, upset and even small issues becoming a big problem. Because of all negative thoughts and feelings that come up to our mind, we lack happiness. We're starting to forget all beautiful memories and believe that everything that is happening right now is going wrong. This false belief causes us more trouble than is worth. Truly, all of these is not an insurmountable obstacle. The main perpetrator of this approach is our attitude and mindset.

Positive thinking is one of the most important behaviours we can overtake to change the way we think about our life. It helps with setting up our goals, priorities and planning our way to achieving real happiness. It is the key to balanced life- healthy body and soul. How to start thinking positively? iI's easier than you could ever be thought… It doesn’t matter that you have problems - everyone has them. Your comfort depends on the way that you will deal with your problems.


Let's imagine yourself standing in a circle which is drawn on the floor. Close your eyes. This circle is symbolic, and it means your life and all experience - positives and negatives. Now, try to pick few bad experiences and throw them out of the circle. How do you feel? Pick more of those and do the same thing… Have you ever tried to understand why all of them happened? What were your actions against them? What influence had they on you and your beloved ones? What would you do if these would happen once again, but you would have today's knowledge? What would be different?

A happy person is living a life with little acceptance and is not judging other individuals or circumstances. A Happy person also achieves satisfaction through transcending illusory borders- own beliefs. People think happiness is something that is beyond them and to be happy there is need of special circumstances. The most important step to feeling this state of mind is to identify and describe our personal “parameters of happiness”. Is your happiness related with interpersonal relations or maybe it is the career you are waiting for? Instead of analysing and being upset, because another relationship has broken, wait a minute and try to see, how many people care about you and love you. Accept yourself. Only then you will be able to accept others. Be creative. Be spontaneous. Avoid routine. And the most important thing: Do not let negative people and negative feelings to dominate your good aura. Defend your positive attitude and carry on doing good things for yourself and your loved ones.


Instead of moaning about adverse events in your life, appreciate what you’ve already got. Remember that essential point in being happy and fulfilled is having a goal. People without goals are like children in the fog - lost and unsure. And do not forget that happiness should result from trying to pursuit goals and failure shall not be considered to be a problem. Way to success is full of obstacles, but they should be motivating and encouraging to fight. Because of that, don’t be afraid and start changing your thinking and behaviour. Your life can be great!

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